Lost their Supreme

Lost their Supreme.png

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    Old Tofu

    apparently he hasn’t been paying attention to divorce rates.


    But no one ever mentioned legalizing gay divorce, did they? Checkmate…


    If you were serious about fighting gay marriage you would definitely make sure that gay divorce was off the table. Brilliant answer.

    Excuse me if I pass this on to my gay friends and claim it was my idea… 🙂


    to myself, “supreme” always meant the addition of sour creme to the taco.


    the day i rely on a spirit to fix anything you may kindly shoot me.


    Try not to hurt yourself on that slope. It looks awful slippery.


    Churches shouldn’t be tax exempt.
    Since when is the performance of medieval arcane rituals a charity…?

    Old Tofu

    BINGO!!!!! they’re in the profession of fantasy , just like an escort.

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