police killings



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    “police killings”? could be the number of police killed, or the number of civilians killed by police. sloppy fucking journalism.


    I was thinking the same thing. Pretty sure North Carolina doesn’t have that many of either. I am disappoint, I come here for the news.


    You come here for the news? I am disappoint…

    tiki god

    Also, it’s cumulative, so it looks much more awful than it should.


    Well, the source (URL in the bottom-right corner) *does* say “killed by police”, so I guess we can eliminate that bit of confusion. Even so, I call bullshit on it in general. I live in Oregon and no way we’ve had that many people killed by police in the last sixteen months!

    tiki god

    8? 8 is too many? there’s that many killed in a month in florida

    Chet Manley

    If it’s only 8, it should fill up the state on the map. That’s bad journalism.

    Chet Manley

    *Shouldn’t. Now that’s bad editing.

    Dyon 86

    Wait, what if it’s police killed by police?


    All I have to say is live by the state borders. They look pretty safe.


    I read that, on average, the police in the U.S. kills a person every nine hours.

    And, they kill a dog every hour and a half.