Inside Out review

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Five Emotions must work hard when a young girl moves to a new city.

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We just had a pretty bad storm here in Tallahassee resulting in a tree coming down and taking out the power that’s running to my neighborhood.  Luckily the local movie theater still had power, so we went down to check out “Inside Out”, a movie that I haven’t exactly been pining for, but was on my radar.  Remember when Pixar did that one movie that made you feel something inside, that spoke to you in ways you didn’t know was possible?  This is that movie on overdrive with a giant heaping scoop of nostalgia for simplicity.  I’ll leave out most of what actually happens in the film, but the VO casting is spot on, with celebrity casting that doesn’t get in the way like other roles do (nick cage in “The Croods” comes to mind, half that movie I was expecting him to want to hunt down a treasure map or something).  If at all possible, check this one out, it was worth my time and I think it’d be worth yours.

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