The Four Stages of Red Pill

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    This is stupid and misleading. It’s crap like this that is causing people hate anyone who does not agree with the masses.
    Also Fascim is another name for Socialism, just like the Communists and the Nazis. All are far left ideologies, I encourage anyone who reads this to do some reseach and make up your own mind before you blindly hate for politics you don’t understand. 🙂


    Fascism and Socialism are on opposite sides of the spectrum. They are NOT the same, no matter how much you want them to be. Do your own research before you accuse others of not doing it, because you look like someone correcting someone else’s grammar and making a grammatical mistake while doing so. And no, visiting right wing sites like Stormfront and Free Republic doesn’t count as “research.”

    Every society that attempted Communism ended up as a right-wing authoritarian regime.


    oh noes the red pills want to install Saudi-style absolute monarchy and are quoting de Maitre!!!! Whatever shall I do???

    Oh wait I remembered no one less than 500lbs or who has taken a shower in the last month cares about red pills. But yes I’m sure absolute monarchy is perfect and our societies would be rightly guided by God’s hand through the vessel a sweaty shut-in king who plays MMOs all day.