Resistance: Fall of Man game review

61t5W98uPQL. SY300  Resistance: Fall of Man

  • Gameplay elements and enemies that create a sense of unease and set an atmosphere that frightens the player
  • Engage in some of the largest turbulent battles ever witnessed on a console gaming system
  • An immersive world delivers photo-realistic characters, environments and lighting effects


Comparing this to modern games would be a disservice, as this was one of the first ps3 games that were released, so you’re going to find a lot older gaming tropes, with infrequent checkpoints and massive rooms full of weapons right before boss fights among them.  The story is pretty good, but I’m not a fan of the way they stitched the different levels together with a narrator.  Also, this was a pretty short game, beat it in about 10 hours total.

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