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    In Canada, higher fee foreign students blot up much of the STEM slots. The short term, future blind increase in revenue can then be used to pay the useless t#$ts inculcating the future fast food employees in the non-STEM “disciplines”.


    Part of the problem is that we are almost at the point where post secondary school education is becoming necessary to work in fast food. All the lip service given to the importance of “higher education” is actually lowering the standard of “higher education”. Making a diploma or degree necessary, but meaningless. We shouldn’t be handing out degrees to everyone. But having said that, you do realize that students who come from an education background rich in the arts and social studies tend to do much better in all aspects of education. And they tend to achieve management positions faster,… Read more »


    Fuck you, STEMs are problem solvers
    what’s an art major going to do? solve food shortages through interpretive dancing>


    I’ve read soldier’s letters home from the Civil War and WW1 (in museums, online etc) and have been amazed at the quality of the prose never mind the often astounding penmanship. These were people who left school when they were needed for a harvest or an apprenticeship (Gr8?) and never went back. How did those teachers then achieve so much? How come the current crop collectively achieve comparatively so little?


    A rigid education system is very good at producing graduates with outstanding penmanship and quality of prose.
    But I don’t think those are necessarily the best measure of leadership or problem solving ability.

    As for teachers achieving so little….?
    I think the examples you are describing are the best of the best.
    The mediocre doesn’t get saved for posterity.

    There are plenty of teachers today fostering the best of the best.
    We just a have a good view across the whole spectrum top to bottom…so it looks like there are fewer “best of the best”.


    A “rigid education system” is kind of what we have now. Compliance is the goal. Social engineering usurps critical thinking and questioning. Science is settled. Everything is settled. It remains only to determine when butt sex is taught … grade 8? or earlier? Cutting age. What about calculus? Yeah what about that? In the states many gr12 graduates are at best only marginally literate. So WTF have they been doing for 12 years? A focused rather than rigid education system puts tools in the box.


    No double intended – should more suitably have read “gives them the background they need”