Small Car Only

Small Car Only .jpg


hey look, someone wants a ticket, or maybe even get their car keyed


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    You can clearly see that one of them is a tru ‘murican, not some tree-hugging immigrant from south, or Cuba.
    Stop with the tru ‘murican shaming and persecution !1111


    Or, since the picture does not show the space the truck occupies as “small car only”, or knowing that legally, the only reserved spots a lot can have are for handicapped, we leave the truck alone and go on about our day since it really has no bearing on our lives what-o-ever.


    Local laws vary, some allow up to 50% of spaces in any lot to be designated as “compact only.” Of course anyone can park anywhere they feel like it, but if you end up with dings and dents from someone opening their door onto yours you really only have yourself to blame.


    And how many full size spaces were filled with small cars? So many that the truck had nowhere else to park? It’s happened to me. The only difference is that I park sideways and fill up two small car spots.