The future of food service

The future of food service.jpg

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    Does it have a Max Headroom-style Ronald Reagan?


    Wow! The first $15 minimum wage McDonalds has been built!


    Those things can’t take the food off the truck, cook the food, serve the food , or clean the kitchen and dining area. They will also require tech support that is payed more than cashiers.


    McDonalds has tech support now. This is just turning the touch screen around so the customer can handle it themselves. But let’s assume your right. I work in tech support so we’ll do the math at $15/hour (I’m not going to talk hardware investment at this point since this stuff will be made by the lowest bidder in China anyway) New tech jobs per store = 1 x $30/hr Cashier jobs per store = -5 x $15/hr Net savings in store = $45/hr (and that is assuming a tech person is working PER store which is highly unlikely) I understand… Read more »


    Because it doesn’t. Places that have raised the minimum wage to $15 have actually seen INCREASED employment.


    I’m confused. Where does the burger come out ?


    You must be slow. Did you see that there were 3 human employees in the back? They are the $15/hr survivors. They are the Store Manager, Assist Manager and Chief server. They are also the accountant, shipment receiver, cooks and janitors.
    They will call out your orders right after they take the trash out, clean the toilet and put the patties on your double double.

    They will be getting a livable wages but they sure miss their dozens former coworkers that are now unemployed.


    No, I just don’t go into those type of “food service” places at all. Not to piss, shit, for milkshake, salad free Wi-Fi, “bring your cup” day, or any another reason.

    But I do have that one “shameful” bit, when I ate some McD fries on a high school class trip.
    To my defense, I was bus-lagged and somewhat drunk.


    i havent eaten fast food in 2 years and 10 months so no fuck given here.


    Well, once they invent the machine to prep the food, we’re gonna see some massive unemployment all around. May need to rethink “everyone needs to have a job” part of society.