????????! ??????????? Please, come back! Taro beckon to May

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  • This video is of a fish named Goldy. This fish is the MCS Mascot and this fish is the primary moderator of content on the site.

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    Just watched this with my cat Gracie. She was very curious about the other cats…maybe a little jealous.

    I guess I’ll have to make her one of these things.


    Do you have HDTV? There’s been a dramatic rise in pets watching tv with the advent of high definition. Only the other week there was a tragicomic news story about a Great Dane (not Mads Mikkelsen) getting very excited about a view of the ocean before taking a running jump in/at it. My cat has taken an interest in tv just once, during a viewing of the BluRay of Jason And The Argonauts. She was hypnotized by the fluttering, screeching Harpies, and watched their every movement, utterly convinced they were real, living things.

    Dyon 86

    Haha yea, two of my cats sat down in front of the TV completely absorbed by “Secret Life of the Cat” (BBC Horizon), ears twitching at every meow and following every cat on screen, even going behind the TV to look for them once. So funny.


    Years ago I had another cat who suddenly became transfixed by a soccer game on tv. When the ball was kicked off-screen she ran behind the tv to find it. She re-emerged looking seriously pissed off and skulked away with her dignity in tatters. She studiously avoided tv after that.

    Dyon 86

    Yea I do that sometimes too!


    Would you really build a multiple cardboard box enviro-toy for your feline rdeckard? If so, I’m seriously impressed. You are a good Cat Daddy.


    To answer your first question, yes, I do have an HDTV, but Gracie hasn’t shown much interest in it. She prefers looking out the windows or screen door. I usually keep them open for her and her sister Ginger during the day. The neighborhood we live in has a lot of trees and birds are always flying around. Gracie does spend time with me when I’m at my computer; however, and once in a while she’ll take swats at the cursor as it darts around the screen. Ginger on the other hand likes to watch TV. She seems to be… Read more »


    You’re a lunatic. How wonderful.

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