Bye Bye Sitemeter

I’m sad to report that sitemeter has been hijacking a significant number of links on MCS, the most reproducible one was the ‘add to favorites’ link, which was completely fubar’d.  So as a testimate to the nearly 8 years of using them, behold, the last stats from their system.  Now I’m going to be using both the wordpress stats and google analytics, neither of which are public and both of which use javascript, so who knows how accurate they’re going to be.  Feel free to block them with noscript if need be 😉


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    …would posting ponies help?


    You surely jest… People still use “add to my favourites” links or pop up boxes? Really? They click on that ? HoLY ShIT! These are the same people that make Bing their default search engine, have MSN homepages by default on the latest buggy version of IE all running on Vista.
    Ban the mofo’s, ban them I say.


    Tiki, I can’t seem to rate posts 🙁


    When I click on them stars, nothing happens.


    Did I say I can’t re-rate posts ? No. I can’t rate post at all, no matter the intended number of stars I wanted to give.
    Yes, add to favorites works.
    Ditto “Thumbing”.


    Whatever you (un)did it works now.