art is theft

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    CC BY-NC, and sue the shit out of them.


    What he did has already been successfully defended as “fair use” under the law, and he’s made a shit-ton of money over the years by appropriating information.

    TL;DR he hacks law, why u jelly bro?


    Just looked up this story. I see both sides as having valid points here. Damn, conflicted on this one. I think the issue comes with just how much some folks paid for some of the pieces. Seems a little high. However, it’s their money so, sure, spend it on something barely original. I guess I just hope the original artists/photographers/models/etc. find a way to make some of that sweet sweet wasted money as well.


    You should check out Andy Warhol.


    Hey, this site makes money (by way of ad revenue) by posting images and video without the authors’ permission.
    Copyright is as good as dead.
    Digital makes it virtually impossible to enforce.

    Welcome to the 21st century….

    tiki god

    “this site makes money”

    I wish.