even androids can cry

even androids can cry.jpg

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    Dyon 86

    Yes but do they Dream?????


    only about unicorns in foggy forests.


    I’m sure Vision dreams about screwing Wanda.

    “Actually Wanda, when Ultron designed this body, he included a fully-functional penis, for some reason. He even gave it six vibration settings.”


    Ultron was a pervert…which is why he hacked Iron Man’s life-support system to give Stark gender reassignment surgery and then brainwashed him/her to love him.


    i still have that book. i bought it with my mom (well, she bought it) when i was 10, at the Half Price Bookstore. the cover was torn off, thats why it was half price. i think it was 10 cents. i sat on my front porch with a slurpie from 711 on a hot summer day, and was memorized. good times.

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