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    Saw it last night. It’s close to being the Citizen Kane of action movies. A shot of adrenalin straight into the heart. I don’t think my face has worn so many varied expressions while viewing a movie in my entire life. I spent most of it gurning in awe and incredulity. LOVED the nod to Peter Weir’s The Cars That Ate Paris, which really laid the ground work for MM to be made in the first place. Interesting side note – The costume designer, whose work in this film is consistently amazing, is best known for doing Merchant Ivory movies.… Read more »


    Hmm. Having problems getting this to play. Does this work?


    Shit. That was just a repeat of the first link. I give up.


    This should work. The previous problem was due to vimeo privacy settings. In a strange coincidence, I’ve been reading a lot about Native American/Aboriginal tribes in the American west, (and as we all know, the Mad Max movies are basically Westerns) and what’s striking is that the roles of tribal women were extraordinarily mixed. On the one hand, yes, they did most if not all of the domestic work, but at the same time they had to learn to ride horses and fight as well as the men in order to survive. The word is SURVIVAL and you don’t disregard… Read more »


    Ok, not JUST sexual politics, but what’s great here is that Miller just followed his original story idea to its inevitable conclusion – a female road warrior.


    Miller on twitter yesterday – ‘We’ll have more Max for you soon.’