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I’ve played about 2/3 of these, it’s the earlier Atari and Sega ones that I’ve never seen before

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    It’s missing the Intellivision and the ColecoVision.


    Do we get to count the Commodor 64? Games are all I ever used mine for 🙂

    We are also missing the original Nintendo and all of the hand-held systems.


    Genesis and Mega Drive are the same machine…
    Same for Master System and Mark III…
    Also there was no console just called the “Atari”…they all had numbers and later animal names.
    Captain Pedant…AWAY!

    tiki god

    Gensis and Mega Drive were two different systems, you couldn’t play Genesis games on a Mega, but you could play mega on a genesis. Same for Master and Mark III.

    yes, some of these are just logos, good catch. a winner is you


    You could if you filed down those bits on the corners of the cartridge. They had the exact same motherboard…just a different shell. Now…the Genesis 2 had a different motherboard…but I never had one of them so can’t make any claims either way. I did however make an adapter out of some spare parts for my Gamegear to play my Mark III games (only to find out years later there was an official adapter…) on it so I can say that definitely works.

  • Here's a few awesome images!