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I’ve been playing through AC:IV, it was free on XBL, same with AC:II.  I was only able to play about an hour of the second one before I lost interest.  AC:IV though, is keeping me interested, I don’t care much for the assassin portion, but the pirate stuff?  oh yes.

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    AC:II, Brotherhood, and Revelations I think are overall the strongest of the series so far. III and Unity just tried to do too much and you kind of ended up not really caring about the story after a while. And that was on top of all the bugs. Black Flag just ignored most of the Assassin stuff and was all the better for it. Just bombing about on the Jackdaw was such ridiculous fun. Might actually rebuy it for the Xbone.
    Maybe give AC: Rogue a try at some point too, Tiki. It’s just more of Black Flag really.