There are 9,000 untagged posts on MCS!

With only 158 days remaining till my deadline, there are now only 9,000 posts left to tag.  This means I’ll need to do on average 56.962 posts per day to get the project done in time.  I’m on track to have it completed, but ugh.  so many posts left, my mind is going numb.

Just got to early 2011 when Egypt was self immolating and the Arab Spring was kicking off.  What a crazy time!  This is also when Casemods permanently left the site to parts unknown, though I still see him from time to time on Steam playing the same games he’s always played.

Speaking of 2011 though, this is also around the time that the MCS chat room was set up, which is an IRC channel that me and one other person idle in all day long.  If you’re working in a call center like yours truly, feel free to add the channel, I drop links in there to humorous things well before they show up in MCS, and you’ll get to hear my latest complaints about the socio-economic ruins of our various countries (yay!).

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    Fucking casemods… Good times