The Suicide Squad

task-force-cosplay.jpg (366 KB)

They look like a cosplay group.

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    tiki god

    well this is concerning.


    There are only five colors in that picture and three of them are slightly different shades of black.

    I know DC Comics is scared shitless of ever even looking in the general direction of Batman and Robin, but seriously, CUT IT OUT. Black isn’t the only color in the goddamn universe. There’s red and blue and green and — gasp — cyan and aquamarine and yellow.

    Even goddamn Harley seems in black and white, for Pete’s sake.


    When did Miley Cyrus join DC comics….?


    I, for one, am underwhelmed.


    hm. idk what to think. personally, in my 41 years of comic book reading, i have never really liked the suicide squad, in ANY of their many renditions. the book(s) always just seemed like a writers desperate need to prove themselves to their peers by trying to transform a bunch of third rate losers into something interesting. most of the time it was just, “oh, look how violent i wrote this! isnt it cool?” idk. does anyone give a shit about anything that will smith is in…at all?

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