Superior Spider-man

Superior Spider-man.jpg


I need to hire someone that’s actually reading comics still so they can tell me what all this shit means.  Why is he so superior?

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    white power


    Doctor Octopus got cancer. He was dying. So, being a supervillain, he schemed. He came up with a way to switch minds with Peter Parker, putting Peter’s mind in the dying body of Doc Ock, and assuming Peter’s life. The Octavius body died, taking Peter with it, and Otto kept the Parker body. But, instead of continuing his evil ways, he kept on being Spider-man, considering it his ultimate victory, but also being inspired by Peter’s memories. He would be the Spider-man the world truly deserved, the better Spider-man, the Superior Spider-man. Becoming more ruthless, even killing some of his… Read more »


    I just died a little.

    tiki god

    this is awesome.


    dont get excited. its back to normal now.

    tiki god

    spider-universe is far from normal brah


    Yes. Could use a DL link for those comics…