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    Lol numbers


    except of course those numbers aren’t all true. illegal aliens do not qualify for state or federal benefits. also the states employers are saving billions by hiring illegal immigrants and thus keeping food costs down and lowering the cost of living for americans.


    Notice the smaller print “& their U.S.-born children” and that 14.4B of the 25.3B (57%) is for education. Yup, educating American citizens is an expensive investment in our nation’s future. I assume much of the health care and other services apply to these kids too, probably bringing it up to 85% with most of the rest being the overly expensive deportation system in the “law enforcement” category.
    It’s really just a rant against investing in poor kids with immigrants as the proxy.


    Minus $328 per household headed by a U.S. citizen for the tax contributions of illegal immigrants that you JUST mentioned.


    oh noes Chet another hate fail

    did those imigrants take your fact checkers job?


    Rush to the ramparts with obfuscation! The Narrative must be protected. Facts are racist.


    Horrible numbers.
    So who are these capitalists that keep hiring them….?