When stupid people think they know their rights.



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    tiki god

    Dear woman: shut the fuck up.


    I don’t what is wrong with this woman, but she clearly has ‘issues’. One of them being ‘total stupidity’. And another thing, how did this footage find its way online? Did SHE put it out there? (‘Look how I dealt with this scary policeman who looks like the one from Psycho. You know. The one with the dark glasses. Did I mention I don’t like dark glasses? They make me feel unsafe.’) She must be even more stupid than I give her credit for, and that’s VERY stupid indeed. The cop is a model of restraint. Finally, is this even real? Please tell me it’s not real.



    tiki god

    she’s uploaded other videos on her channel, and I’m 90% sure she’s uploaded it herself and thought she was on the side of angels

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