magic cape

magic cape.jpg

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    ….what an immense, colossal, disparaging waste of time. the benefits to society, the environment or even personal growth that could have been accomplished in the hours that were consumed in this foolishness is shockingly sorrowful. look at his face. god what an utter oaf.


    He got to be a hero, for just one day.

    Probably the best thing he ever did with his collection of Magic cards.


    Yeah, how DARE he spend his own time in an utterly harmless way that doesn’t benefit anyone else!? He should be out posting comments on websites full of funny pictures for the good of mankind!


    we should spend all our time only on ourselves…i hope youre not a parent.


    She should be “ostracized”, for doing that to cards.

    tiki god

    I feel like he could have worn something other than a t-shirt and shorts under the cape.


    Yes. Not enough gravitas. Not nearly enough.


    The shirt and shorts ruin the magic.

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