Halo 5 – Guardians

Halo 5 - Guardians.png


well I’m still not excited, especially after what they did in Halo 4, that was a bland feeling COD style of game.

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    Agreed. First time in a long time I’m not pre-ordering a Halo game.

    tiki god

    At this point, I’m wondering if I’m even going to ever get an Xbone, The MC Collection didnt’ do it for me, Halo 5 isn’t sounding interesting at all, what other franchises would capture my attention at all?

    mmmmm rock band maybe?


    Agree with you there again. Titanfall 2’s going to be multi platform and after that I’d struggle to think what exclusive games the Xbone has going for it. Crackdown? Gears of War? Goat Simulator?

    tiki god

    Titanfall is a great point, if a game is on PC, I’m going to go the PC route, especially if it’s on Steam. that’s where I play all my Titanfall now, the 360 population is pretty much dead, but the PC population is poppin still.

    Crackdown was cool, but not a console seller. Goat Simulator MMO Beta will likely not be console limited, lol.

    Gears of War is utter shit, but can’t do much about that.


    🙂 Save your money and upgrade your PC then. I don’t say that to be funny, I just get how it makes sense. The girlfriend’s a big fan of Titanfall and there’s still a lot that play it on the Xbone, but I get that that’s not enough to sell you on the system. If you’re serious about having a next gen system about the house maybe see what the PS4 offers?

    tiki god

    well if I’m going to have a next gen system, then I’m going with an xbone, I can’t stand any of the PS controllers, they alway shave everything completely backwards and uncomfortable, lol. and as little as i care about halo, it would be nice to have access to them.


    No, the PS controllers just aren’t nice to hold. The PS4 controller feels so flimsy and honestly kinda cheap. I do have to give it points for the share button though. If you’re getting the Xbone for the Master Chief collection just watch out as I think the MP was kinda broken. Although they did mention bringing out ODST as DLC for it.

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