Ted Cruz: “My music tastes changed on 9/11”


oh thank god for the republican party, and endless source of entertainment

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    As opposed to the endless source of Socialism that spewed by democrats now?

    tiki god

    “Socialism” as you see it, isn’t very entertaining, it’s more about saving lives and making money as best they can.

    saving the planet when it’s convenient too.


    Conservatives don’t like anything with the word “social” in it.


    Let the bullshit pandering begin!


    so…when are the “Birthers” going to protest this Canadian-born minority trying to take over a position that belongs to a Real ‘Murikan?


    You can have him, we don’t want him in Canada.
    What’s really funny is that when I try to play it I get the message “Video not available in your country.”

    tiki god

    I bet for some people from the “other side”, it changed too:


    Unfortunately I don’t feel that the majority of voters would be able to realize that the sorry sack of formulated bullshit he just spewed was only designed to get middle america to vote for him.

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