obama gay life


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    So ?


    Its not the gay thing that would bother me so much as the lying about it to get into office. We could do with a little more truth on their end, especially if they make big promises about changing Washington.


    What are you actually saying? That you believe this headline?


    No, if I believed it I’d say:

    “its not the gay thing that bothers me….” not that it would bother me, as in, would bother me IF it were true.


    This paper proves that you can fool some people all of the time.

    There are people out there who think that 1. Elvis is still alive, 2. That he has a full head of white hair. 3. That he’s in the greatest shape of his life.


    TO be fair I think we should be trying nearly everyone in his administration for treason.

    However: The kid in the bennie is way hotter then his wife, and to be honest, at least as good looking as Monica Lewinsky.

    Not that Monica Lewinsky is not a fat, STD ridden pig. She is.