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    There has been a noticeable “1 black guy” rule on show since season 2.
    Everyone knows it, heck we even make jokes about it.
    When a new black man shows up we say farewell to the old one because we know he’s dead by the end of the next episode if not sooner.


    You need to always keep an expendable black guy around, so the white people don’t die.

    You could always keep an Irish around, just as expendable, but you can’t get any work out of a papist.

    Jeff Scott

    I don’t buy the black men always die angle on this show. Tyrese probably had the best, most moving death episode of the series. They had to kill him off before they got to the Alexandria safe zone because you know if he were still with them he would have fit in too well, frankly. He was a peacemaker and a mediator, having no one in that role in Alexandria does SO MUCH for the tension because he isn’t there to stand up to Rick or influence him/keep him in check. Noah’s case is even simpler. He’s starring in the… Read more »