To blame the poor

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    Cute, but even at her most vapid and useless and airheaded, Paris Hilton does more for the economy and the creation of jobs (by spending tons of money every day) that all the poor people combined. But let’s make a thought exercise. Imagine that you qualify how much an individual actually contributes economically to society. Imagine that we total the amount of money that the person gives to the government via direct and indirect taxes and all that, and divide it by how much they get in benefits from the government (both direct and indirect, like road maintenance and the… Read more »


    Your effort is futile I’m afraid. I do like this website but most people visiting (or commenting anyway) are bleeding heart lefties with very poor grasp on reality.


    Paris Hilton, huh…? First off, she isn’t exactly representative of the majority or anywhere near an average example of the wealthy. And secondly, she doesn’t actually create wealth…not in any real sense. What she does (what the paparazzi around her does) is create entertainment and culture. Now entertainment and culture are both important to society, but I think you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who believes Paris Hilton contributes much to enrich our culture. Sure, there is an industry that makes lots of money reporting her shenanigans, but that money comes directly from the earnings of the lower or… Read more »


    You’ve failed to account for numbers. One rich person paying $10,000,000 in taxes does nothing to outweigh the much larger population of poor people paying $10 each.

    Poor people collectively buying $2 billion in peanut butter is better for the economy than $2 billion in one person’s bank account. Interest accrual doesn’t create jobs.


    Paris who?