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So, once again, The American Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences proves itself to be a an assemblage of waste of space luvies. Interstellar for Effects over Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes almost completely photo-realistic apes? COME ON! I mean the effects in Interstellar are very nice and all, but they don’t give you the Uncanny Valley heebie jeebies.

I don’t need to point out that Alfred Hitchcock never won an Oscar do I?

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    I should see one or both of this movies
    some one get a torrent link


    “the effects in Interstellar are very nice and all, but they don’t give you the Uncanny Valley heebie jeebies.”

    Yeah, they have some nerve picking the movie with effects that were seamless and unnoticeable as effects over the one with the so-almost-real-it-gives-me-the-creeps apes that scream FX every second of screentime. Yep.


    And Annie Hall beat Star Wars.
    Annie Hall was a good movie and all…..but hardly the groundbreaker Star Wars was.
    The Academy is 50% politics, 25% giving awards to compensate for not giving awards when they should have, and 25% actually rewarding great performances….

    But it’s a great chance for the who’s who to dress up….


    Actually, Star Wars was crap. It had special effects that were 20 years ahead of its time, and production values that put modern movies with 10 times its budget (even accounting for inflation) to shame, but other than those technical achievement, the movie was garbage. I’m not kidding. Think about all that you think makes Star Wars so great, and then think about how many of those things came from Empire Strikes Back, not the original Star Wars. In the first movie, Vader is little more than a lap dog to a cliche villain. He only does about four things… Read more »


    I don’t agree. Empire had no plot. It was filler to get to Return…which was pure crap. Despite some clunky dialogue, Star Wars was the prefect story. The Hero’s journey presented perfectly….something Hollywood hadn’t done for decades. I think you’ve got it backwards….Star Wars had some great design and effects…but it was Empire that amped up the actual production values. Yoda was the only thing about Empire that made it memorable. You’re missing the fact that without Star Wars there would be no Empire. Movie making has changed an awful lot in the past 3+ decades. It’s obvious that anyone… Read more »


    these awards are not given out to the best of anything. its a boys club popularity contest amongst their peers. the awards. mean. NOTHING.


    You’re exactly right Ms. Shoes.
    I think folks don’t realize that realistic fur alone is ten times the accomplishment of dirty aluminum or explosions.
    Add faces capable of expressing emotion, of presenting real fully developed characters….?
    So good that if we didn’t know they were CG….would we even suspect…?
    No comparison what-so-ever….


    Is this a movie about dancing monkeys?


    It’s hard for me to get excited about a re-make of a re-make….