What colour is the dress?

1425009633248.jpg (41 KB)


I see it as blue/black. My daughter sees it as white/gold.
There’s obviously some photo trick happening as if you invert the colours the dress is white and gold but I don’t know if the dress has been designed like this or if there’s either lighting tricks or photoshopping of the image.

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    Is there a way to give negative stars? This dress is just stupid.


    I think the whole thing’s fascinating. I see it as blue and black, but my boyfriend sees something completely different.


    Its blue.


    I don’t know what the rest of you are smoking….


    I see it clearly now as blue/black, but I remember seeing this earlier today in different colours on McS. Could’ve been white/gold. I can’t seem to see it like that again. Somewhat weird.


    I can change the colors by tilting my screen.

    fuck this shit


    yes. fuck it. fuck it hard and AT NIGHT. dear world: whofuckingCARES. thank you.


    Although it does remind us that there is no objective reality, and that what one experiences is one’s own subjective interpretation and that any belief in a common experience is a unjustifiable.

    Or….fuck it….


    Lavender and caramel brown.


    simple opening the image in photoshop or gimp and taking an “area” sample to get an average color gives you hex codes that are in the blue and brown ranges. Doesn’t matter what your eyes see…data is truth.

    tiki god

    data is lies, Tiki is truth.


    Reality is an imperfectly understood concept.
    Context is the only way to grasp any foothold on the perilous shifting quicksand that is experience.
    The mere act of observing or measuring a system alters the system in such a way as to render the observation inaccurate.
    In a reality such as this….

    Aw fuck it….the dress is blue….