Which Politicians have a backbone on evolution

Which Politicians have a backbone on evolution.jpg

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    Evolution is merely a theory. A theory most people seem to believe, including me, even if many of them can neither explain it or truly understand it. This is just a way to attack a politician who holds different, meaningful positions than the creator of this chart.


    listen. I go to church every sunday and let me assure you that this whole evolution thing is just a bunch of liberal hog wash with the sole purpose of allowing the anti-christ (obama) to take over the souls of our children


    You’re using the wrong definition of ‘theory’ if you can put ‘merely’ in front of it.

    Chet Manley

    Gravity is also a theory. Try jumping off a bridge. Meanwhile the rest of us know that in science, theory is a word to describe a model. The term your looking for is hypothesis. Evolution is NOT a hypothesis, Creationism is a hypothesis.


    Fun fact: Gravity is a theory too.

    Sometimes people confuse scientific theory with generalized everyday theory; they’re different.


    Wow….PRESSING issue. Foreign policy? NSA spying? Impending economic collapse? Militarized police? Crony Capitalism?…take a back seat!

    No, when there’s a boot standing on my face, I want to be sure it was ordered there by a rational person.

    Chet Manley



    Tell you what, create a chart that shows which politicians are going do something about raging Islamic hordes that are in the process of conquering the middle east, the same ones that have every intent of killing every single American. Some other issues that are way more pressing than one’s religious beliefs, like our 18 Trillion dollar debt, the exploding health care costs, thanks to Obamacare, our terrible drug policy which incarcerates people on long term sentences for having small amounts of weed, NSA spying, the IRS being used as a political weapon against conservative groups, etc, etc.. Lets worry… Read more »



    tiki god

    that’s a mighty fine strawman you got there


    The only part of this issue that is clear to me is that that some of you refuse to evolve.

    Dyon 86

    We evolved from fish and to fish we shall return.