There are 15,755 untagged posts on MCS!

Just a few short 7 months ago there were 30,922 untagged posts on mcs, I’ve reduced that number down to 15,755.

here’s some brief stats on this personal project of mine:

There are 232 days remaining until my goal of getting these done by the 10 year anniversary of MCS, which means I’ll need to do 67.909 posts per day to be done in time.


At the moment I’m taggings posts all the way back in 2010 when casemods was running rampant.  I wonder whatever happened to that guy?

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    Casemods: Could be working the Elvis impersonator casino tour looking towards Vegas someday. Otherwise there’s prison time for fashion crimes, or least likely of all he was kicked out of the trailer park & had to get a job at 7-11 or BK. All possibilities.


    i miss him

    Dyon 86

    Was he the one wearing the gimp suit in Pulp Fiction?