Common murder weapons

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    The M 16 is used for loads of things not for nothing. We can start at home protection and protecting your family, And no one is raping a woman who has a M 16 in her hands. And no terrorists is coming into anyones back yard who has an M 16. Its better to have a M 16 and not need it than not to have one and need it


    I use my AR15 for varmint hunting so it would fall into the hunting category as well.
    For the ignorant ones who know nothing about firearms but like that pic you can get several calibers on an AR platform so the door is wide open for several kinds of hunting with it. Stop being scared of the evil black rifle stock because you can change that too.


    If the last one had other uses like the demolition, pest control, and transportation ones do, then it would be more heavily licensed and regulated. But since it’s only used to kill, meh. No need. Whatever.