Jon Stewart says he’s leaving The Daily Show

Ending one of the most venerable and trusted careers in making a complete mockery of the news, Jon Stewart has announced that he is stepping down as host of The Daily Show. According to sources who were there (some of whom are already passing word along on social media), Stewart let the news slip at the taping of today’s episode, telling those in the audience that he’s retiring.

via The A.V. Club.

This is so completely fucked.  With the complete failure of “The Nightly Show” and the lack of suitable replacements, what’s next for all our fake new shows?

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    Chet Manley

    Considering what’s going on with Williams at NBC, they’re all fake news shows.


    Maybe Jon is heading over to the big desk @ NBC since Williams is out for at least the next six months, if he even comes back at all? I know there was a story around December where another show, I think it was “Meet the Press”, was trying to get Stewart to come anchor that show.




    He’s going to run for president.


    You can always go to Faux news