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    Well, the rodent has a better batting average making predictions that the climatologists, who spent all the ’80s and ’90s claiming that by 2010 Earth would be between 5 and 7 degrees Celsius above normal. (Hint: climatologists’ predictions are about as accurate as the average horoscope, and just about as scientific.)


    Funfact time! The groundhog has been correct about it’s “predictions” around 39% of the time according to research! FUN HUH! NOW YOU HAVE TO LIVE WITH THIS POINTLESS KNOWLEDGE!

    Old Tofu

    strange ,I’ve never heard these numbers you are inventing out of thin air. but my horoscope did say to be on the lookout for massive piles of bullshit and here you are:)

    Chet Manley

    It’s 2015. Gore said the polar ice caps would be gone by now. Ooops!

    Chet Manley

    Stop stalking me GropeRape!!!


    He’s not stalking you. He’s too busy fingering his imaginary daughters. Or does fingering count as rape. I forget. Feminism changes every 2 seconds. Either way his dick is going in his daughters in exciting new ways every night.


    In reality, we are not very far off from a complete seasonal melt of the North Pole.
    Unfortunately, Mr. Gore’s prediction is very likely to come true…a few years late.
    But a decade in geological time is less than the blink of an eye…

    I’m not stalking you.
    I’m putting your statements into some real world perspective.

    If you want to discuss the issues, I look forward to your participation in the conversation.

    If all you want to do is sling shit, then fuck off.
    Your moronic shit is getting stale.


    Global temperatures have been flat for almost 18 years; the predicted warming has not happened which contradicts all the models and the theory. When the theory is disproven by observations and the models are worse than blind guesses it is time to abandon them. That is what science calls for but blind, fundamentalist faith insists that the doctrine is true regardless of any contradictory facts and that non-believers be cursed. Global warming is little more than a primitive death cult begging for forgiveness from the Earth for the sins of man. Except for the scam-artists like Gore where it is like a machine that prints money.



    That’s based on NASA’s data.

    Perhaps you could reference yours….?


    See what groundhog day does to people! It makes people fight about global warming… I HATE YOU GROUNDHOG


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