ATOM Armor

ATOM Armor.jpg

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    Quite like the design. Going to be interesting to see how his powers play out as Arrow doesn’t want


    *Doesn’t “do” powers. Might have to wait til he turns up in The Flash to see things go all Fantastic Voyage. And they’re already talking about an Atom standalone TV show.


    I like the costume. There’s something about it that reminds me of motocross gear… it’s the bare neck. That part looks incomplete, but that’s a little thing. I have a theory about Arrow/Atom shows. I think that Felicity is gonna leave Team Arrow and become a regular on Atom. Oliver crossed a big moral line last night when he said that he’s going to be working with Merlyn. Dumb idea. Merlyn cannot be trusted, not even a little. Felicity was right to call Oliver on his decision, and I think that’s going to drive Felicity away to work with Ray.… Read more »


    sorry. its WAY to busy. why are there nut crackers attached all over it? yea, it does look like motocross gear…and thats a good thing? is he gonna be riding little bikes around? i like the atom and i like arrow but this is complete overkill. he looks like he cant move!


    it looks like booster gold and captain america had a butt baby. hideous. watch and see if it doesnt get streamlined in future eps….so many buckles and zippers and plates..ugh.


    You’re probably right. They’re not afraid of tweaking the costumes, and Ray Palmer does seem to be quite the Tony DC of this corner of the DC universe so I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Mk II at some point.