Super Combos

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did you know you didn’t have to buy the food when you go to the movies?  just sayin.

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    Roger Ebert once said that theater owners saw themselves not so much as places that show movies, but more like venues for selling overpriced snacks that just happen to show movies.
    Snacks is where the real money is.

    damm, that better be some fine pizza


    You know the theaters are in trouble when their snack prices are that high. I would sooner stay home and watch as many films as I wanted on Netflix for $8.99 a month, and have a fast food meal that is better quality for like $7.00. I would never spend $25.00 on that stuff. Hell, you could feed 4 people at any fast food restaurant for $25.00. What a complete rip off!

    tiki god

    I’m thinking those may be Australian dollars, not US


    I agree. Googled “Smiths chips” and the first thing that came up is which is based out of Australia. So, currently that is 19.42 USD. Now we can get into the “that’s still too high” versus “Australia has a higher minimum wage/higher price on everything/higher standard of living” argument.

    But honestly, yeah, the cost of this stuff everywhere is probably too high.


    $25 for me is more then 1/2 a weeks groceries so yea forget that.


    this. if you cant NOT eat for 2 hours, theres something clearly wrong with you.


    [quote]did you know you didn’t have to buy the food when you go to the movies? just sayin.[/quote]
    Did you know, you don’t have to: “go to the movies”, to see movies ?


    The theaters in my city used to have you buy tickets at the front windows then go inside. A couple of years ago they figured out that if they made you come in and buy tickets at the concessions counter instead they sold more concessions. It’s gotten worse lately. Now they only open one counter and staff it with 2 cashiers They have extra people to grab stuff customers order but they only have 2 people who can accept payments. So on an average day you stand in line for at least 10-15 minutes in the lobby just to buy… Read more »