Shrike attack

The_lord_and_the_colonel_by_abiogenisis-d6zpyow.jpg (400 KB)

From the Hyperion Cantos by Dan Simmons

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    Fantastic books.
    But its one of those things where I don’t think any illustration could get the atmosphere or look right.
    It’s just too….out there…

    Dyon 86

    true, not enough spikes.


    I just started reading the series and am just a bit into the second book. The pilgrims have not met the shrike yet.

    Anywho – I’m reading this on the subway to work, and I get these weird stares… like it’s unacceptable for a suit to read scifi and I should be reading “7 habits” instead.


    It keeps getting weirder and weirder…but kinda makes sense in the end.
    Ilium and Olympos are great reads too…and just as strange.


    Funny recently started my 2nd reading. I agree that no illustration could ever do the thing justice, this one’s really nice though.

    If you haven’t read it, I totally recommend his works “Illium” and “Olympos” as well. No space opera stuff here – that is one ridiculously well written, 5000yrs spaning motherfucker of a scifi/fantasy adventure. if you get past the first 200pages or so of “wtf” in the beginning that is…


    The shit Dan Simmons crams into his books is unbelievable.
    The research he must do for a single chapter…culture, science, history, arts…from just about every era…
    Hard to believe a single person is capable of putting those kinds of vast quantities of references and ideas into some kind of coherent story.
    He must be some kind of god himself…


    There’s a line somewhere in chapter 3, Martin Silenus’s story, where he compares people with neural implants to mindless automatons, always connected, always surfing the “all thing” internet.

    I had to flip back to the front of the book several times to re-confirm the date it was written – 1989. Smartphones looked like this in 1989: