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    So breaking the rules to move to a place where you have a chance to provide a better life for your family is somehow equivalent to selling harmful, addictive, life destroying substances….?
    I don’t really see it.


    This is a poster that is railing against illegal immigration, and somehow conflates that with political correctness. It’s just conservative troll chatroulette.


    Another silly analogy. Still … ignoring the flood of cartel thugs, rapists, and pedophiles, or suggesting that they are all meek lovable game show (welfare) contestants with Bambi-eyed kidlets is also fairly silly. “Just lookin for a better life”. Well considering pre-flood unemployment and the continuing hemorrhage of good paying jobs, whose better life are they after? Latinos have higher per capita representation in sex crimes and drunk driving. The more you know.
    And for all those who haunt embassies abroad, waiting in line, paying fees, filling out paperwork? To quote consular offical Nelson… “Haha!”


    So if you lived in some impoverished hell hole (like many parts of Central America…your example, not mine)…wouldn’t you do anything to escape?
    Even if it meant breaking the rules…?
    Sometimes all the “waiting in line, paying fees, filling out paperwork” isn’t enough.

    No doubt, there are people of all disposition in the mix, but one would have to be pretty stupid (or willfully obtuse) to assume they’re all rapists and drunks…no?
    My guess would be a pretty good proportion (if not most) of “illegals” are simply regular folks fleeing poverty or dysfunctional, violent homelands.
    But if you have information to the contrary, please share them.

    Remember this gem:

    Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

    I guess it was all just some propaganda bullshit, then?
    Something to prop up the narrative….?


    Please give The Beast: Riding The Rails And Dodging Narcos On The Migrant Trail a read to see what many of these people are fleeing from and the shit they have to go through to get here. Are all of them awesome people? No. There are bound to be assholes in any group larger than three. But a lot of these people risk their lives to get here. Maybe show some fucking compassion for other human beings trying to flee from some pretty shitty living conditions. Shit.


    I thought we were, first and foremost, a nation of laws?

    Do i blame them for wanting to better themselves? Hell no..seen some of it and would never wish that crap on anyone.

    BUT…more…shall we say “civilized” nations such as Canada, England and Russia(had to throw that one in for lulz) have a slightly more draconian outlook on illegal immigration…they actually treat it as it should be…ILLEGAL. You broke the law and therefore you GTFO after being spanked or whatever. Yep..even Canada. By the USA actually, finally, wishing to enforce their borders…how is it we become “bad guys” and such? Do they deserve a chance? I dunno…quite frankly some hypocrites would say that they have a god-given chance…same hypocrites that don’t believe in god.

    To me…all of this, from both sides, is nothing but political bullshit. the right wants cheap labor, the left wants the fucking votes (right…mostly from Hispanics that are Catholic and abhor abortion…but hey…who is counting).

    Just one more issue that will be swept under the carpet until someone needs votes again.


    Its pretty easy to be an asshole when you won the lotto by being born in one of the wealthiest nations on the planet.

    How dare they try to leave their shit-hole and sneak into my rich nation.

    Kinda like the trust fund brats hanging out at daddy’s club.
    Can’t just let the peons in….


    It’s rubbish that the US Government wastes such large portions of time debating this topic. We have far greater problems begging to be solved before we turn our attention to immigration.

    Here's a few awesome images!