Steal A Piano

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    Derp Logic 101

    Chet Manley

    Socialism: just another word for theft.

    Chet Manley



    Soooo, you’re a Thomas Sowell fan. Good for you! It’s nice that you follow the ideals of a man who has openly compared F.D.R. and Obama to Hitler. Sowell has written professional columns claiming that Obama will not be happy until the U.S. has been placed under Sharia law.
    Sowell also openly advocates starvation for the homeless,including homeless children.
    Sowell is a huge Rush Limbaugh fan. Last year Sowell devoted an entire column to the notion that Rush Limbaugh had never made any racist statements in his life. Guess Sowell doesn’t watch football or listen to the radio.


    I down voted this even though I despise socialism far more than I despise fucking horrible analogies.


    Sharing a piano is pretty cool though…

    [imgcomment image[/img]
    [imgcomment image[/img]
    [imgcomment image[/img]

    Very social too.

    Old Tofu

    ouch , some one’s gonna need some lotion . . . for that burn.

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