A comparison of gun owners

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The only actual difference is skin color, but some people have very differing opinions of each group.

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    As long as there’s parental supervision and someone teaches the kids in the top photo some trigger discipline I’m totally okay with this.


    Your statement applies to both photos.
    Lack of trigger discipline all around.

    Chet Manley



    Flattered, but still not interested Finkly.
    Please, stop hitting on me.


    You’ve gotta be trolling, right? As in “Imma going to post the kind of stupid knee jerk idiocy that some racist twat would say and think and see if anyone believes people can be that oblivious” …right? Please, right?


    I’ve got a problem with one of these. Pictures of Christmas trees in January? What’s wrong with people?


    There’s one big and very importante diferente: the 3 on top seem to be armed with pop guns, o even home-made guns. The 3 bellow are armed with assault rifles. Not fair.

    Also… “teaches the kids in the top photo some trigger discipline” really?! I didn’t even look at the one in the bottom pic, did you…


    Top picture needs more Uzi.


    BB guns vs Assault Rifles…..yeah color is the only different


    Not realisisng that the top pics were BB guns doesn’t change my answer. I prefer the top picture as those weapons look less likely to do so much damage.
    Plus I think the boy in the bottom image already looks like a cereal killer in the making.

    tiki god

    why would you think he’s going to kill captain crunch?


    Don’t bring your foreign foods into my spelling cock-up!


    well…nobody’s seen boo-berry in a while…just sayin’.


    The top photo- They don’t seem happy and the middle one is pointing the gun to the person on the right.

    Bottom photo- Dude looks goofy, but at least two cute girls. Parents have way too much money, but at least you don’t have to worry about boyfriends too much. Update pics when the girls hit 18 and wearing bikini’s.

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