Facebook Freebooting by SmarterEveryDay

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    Welcome to the 21st century.
    Digital property is a fragile commodity, and impossible to protect.

    The internet was designed to share information, not to sell it.

    Want to make something facebook can’t steal ?
    (or MCS for that matter)….
    Make it in the real world….digital is made to be copied….

    tiki god

    impossible to protect

    If only there was some kind of video ID program / process that could ID a video and link back to the original video.


    You missed the point…its not just about protecting the content, but also about protecting his ability to control who gets to present it and who gets to charge the advertisers for hosting it. A link is great, but its hardly the same as handing over the ad profits, is it…? I wasn’t dissing your site Tiki, but just last week you posted a digital pic that the author from DeviantArt was clearly pissed about. You got advertising cash out of it…and you didn’t even know where it came from or that the creator didn’t want you to show it…? This… Read more »


    He is a Gobshite plain and simple. He is also talking about bringing Laws on to the internet and as soon as these Laws are passed the Governments will own the internet not the people

    tiki god

    news to me, wonder why he didn’t just hit the report post link…. now that I read the post, that wasn’t even the author saying that but someone else commenting on mcs. and yeah, it would be great to have a content ID system for images, I’d be all for it. there’s no such thing yet, but there is for youtube / facebook videos, sorry my sarcasm didn’t come through with that. the moment someone uploads an episode of [tvshow] it gets flagged, that’s why you see people upload videos that were them recording a tv clip with their phones… Read more »