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    This looks like the “French” version. I have never seen anyone signal a left turn when approaching a Kreisverkehr / Roundabout in Germany or any other EU country (watch the yellow car). In France… yes, I have seen this and added it to my long list of “senseless strange things French people do”. Logically – there is no reason to ever do this. The information that you will take the last exit (“left” exit) is useless. Even the driver directly behind you doesn’t need this information. In Germany we signal right just before taking an exit, or if changing lanes… Read more »

    tiki god

    this is also the american version if I’m thinking it through correctly



    I have seen single lane roundabouts in the US but never a compound / multi-lane roundabout. Do these exist in the US?

    tiki god

    yeah, I’ve seen tonnes of single lane ones, I can’t remember seeing any multilane ones, but surely we must have one somewhere

    Dyon 86

    Definitely not Italy, there would be a pile up again now.