kill whitey

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    Apparently the chick likes to kill stuff….


    I’m not a fan of hunting for sport but I will give her props for using a bow instead of a rifle.

    Kik Dogg

    Aren’t we getting low on polar bears?

    tiki god

    that was my thought too, I was under the impression they’ve been on the endangered list for a considerable amount of time.


    Well, if they are, now her face and pictures are on this site (as perhaps in others). If found she can get a fine from $50,000 to a total of $75,000, not to mention at least a year in prison. However, this is a US federal law. So basically it would depend on ‘where’ she is hunting, and the laws in that area. But I don’t believe she will get in trouble. Seems she has been hunting for many years… unless someone mentions that the Federal government, along with many world wildlife protection agencies give rewards to anyone who leads… Read more »


    And I quote:Polar bears. An iconic photograph of a polar bear clinging to a chunk of melting Arctic ice has driven home the idea that polar bears are going extinct due to global warming. But the science doesn’t necessarily back this up. There are 19 subpopulations of polar bears and eight of them are in decline. Warmer temperatures and shorter-lived ice mean that fewer polar bears can be supported than in the recent past, but there are more than enough to ensure the survival of the species. There are currently about 25,000 polar bears worldwide. In the 1970s the species… Read more »


    Thanks for finding that. I thought that was the case.

    Either way, they certainly do kill them, especially the ones that get too friendly with towns and pose a risk. Those are the ones that need to be killed, and I hope that these hunters preferentially select that situation.


    Video or its road kill she found.


    someone needs to introduce this bitch to a book.


    A handful of hunters do more to preserve wildlife and their habitat than all the whiners on the internet combined. Overall polar bear populations have double over the last forty-fifty years. Yes, there are fewer in some areas but there are many more in other areas. I guess everyone criticizing her is a fundamentalist vegan who only wear and use synthetic fabrics and is opposed to her harvesting the meat for human consumption in addition to have the carcass/skin for a trophy.


    Yeah .. a bit of sanctimonious hamburger gobbling hypocrisy in some of the comments. Many North American slaughterhouses are halal and that is an increasing trend in deference to the generally liberal affection for dhimmitude. Halal requires fear to get the heart pumping, a throat cut, and a thrashing terrified exsanguination to be compliant. (Pigs are the big winners here. To spell it out for anyone who thinks a graphic novel is a book and that a woman who demonstrates competence is a “bitch” – eating pork is ‘haram’.)


    I have no problem with people killing deer, cows, goats, sheep, chickens, or any other animal that is tasty and low on the natural food chain. However, I’m against killing predators because those are awesome animals that share my love for the flesh of stupid herbivores. The only exception is sharks, because fuck those creepy-ass fuckers.


    A handful of anything does more to do anything than all the whiners on the internet combined.


    Now that’s a woman.


    Wildlife is easy. A real huntress would go after y’all’s pets.