Evolution of the Left

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    Cool! Tiki’s having another click drive.


    There is no left remaining in the USA. Obama is centre right, and half you clowns think he’s some sort of commie for overseeing a tax rate way under what hero Ronnie Regan had. Here’s a little reminder from the rest of the world regarding the real left, valid now, valid 50 yrs ago, and valid 100 years ago:

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    You spent your early childhood in the 90’s, didn’t you?




    Capitalism is the free exchange of goods and services where both sides typically benefit; the buyer receives something they value more than the money given and the seller receives more money than they value the item or service they sold. No corporation no matter how powerful can force you to buy anything they are selling unless the government gets involved, ala Obamacare. And that is better described as fascism, another sub-category of socialism, than capitalism.

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