Star Trek

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    The most memorable original Star Trek episode for me was the one where they have to deal with an alien in a box that is so hideous, just glimpsing it is enough to drive you insane. (don’t know the episode title or the writer off the top of my head, but I bet you do) My child brain struggled with that concept till it hurt. I spent many unfruitful hours trying to imagine what a creature like that would look like.


    We call her Hillary Clinton, but we’ve been conditioned over decades not to go insane (except for the ones who would vote for her).

    tiki god

    you may be thinking of a twilight episode, because I have no memory of a Trek episode dealing with that

    tiki god



    The writer was a female Harvard librarian with only two screenwriting credits. The episode was unsolicited too. Unsolicited scripts hardly ever get made. Good work Jean Lisette Aroeste.

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