Back to the hospital

I’m back in the hospital with my mother, they just extibated her, so her breathing is all sorts of labored and sounding off.  Needless to say, I’m not going to be focusing on finding quality images and content to send your way, so I sure would appreciate your assistance.

Please submit some stuff while I’m deal with this?


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    I found a bunch of half naked guys
    hope it helps


    I hope everything turns out okay. One Massive pic dump of cars and motorcycles- coming up!


    Knowing what gets trashed and why, would help with the “quality” part.


    tits (not artsy)
    dicks and pussy
    everything else is fair game?


    [quote]everything else is fair game?[/quote]
    Not really, no. If it was, I wouldn’t be asking.


    Then I repeat:
    why you keep trashing my Buffy hangover post ? That one with this .gif:
    No nudity, no gore.
    Or other [b]unchanged[/b]posts, that get approved after second, or third using of “Restore” “button”?


    [quote]as I’ve replied about every time you’ve posted it…[/quote]
    When, and where did you do that ?

    [quote]…it’s a broken GIF with nearly unreadable text, with no context.[/quote]
    Broken how ? It works in my FF, Opera. “Glue eating” IE, is “glue eating”, but you say the text is unreadable, so “slow motion” could be good.

    Text is readable. Last word vanishes quickly, but it too is readable.

    Context was very clear:
    “2015-01-02 12:56:09 How was your New Year’s Eve ?”
    “2015-01-02 13:54:53 How was your New Year’s Day”


    [quote]look in your submission history.[/quote]
    I can’t find anything like that. And the only place I can find that post, is trash, so the only thing I can do with it is either restore or permatrash it. I can’t even view it.

    [quote]I even asked why you kept submitting it.[/quote]
    Didn’t receive anything like that. Please point me [b]directly[/b] to it.

    [quote]why are you so in love with this one image?[/quote]
    I’m not. It’s just latest example of what I’m talking about.

    Dyon 86

    and ponies – no ponies!


    [quote]at this point, I hope you’re just trolling me, you don’t know how to get to your author page?[/quote]
    It looks like it’s you who are trolling. I’ve never said anything about my authors page.
    [b]1.[/b] I don’t see any notes, comments from you about that post.
    [b]2.[/b] The [b]only[/b] place I can find that post is trash, and I can’t do anything there beside restoring or permatrashing it.
    And the comment meter for it is 0.
    Wanna see ?





    [quote]this really makes me want to write that code…[/quote]
    Firstly create, and use account without admin rights, because I think this may be the problem here.
    Especially after what you wrote in that other topic.


    Sorry to hear this tiki. Hope this situation gets better soon. Rest assured I’ll keep the site replenished with obscure references, images, and statements that force other users to use the ‘The More You Know’ meme.


    Hello Tiki. I was in it. My wife had a (large) fibroid removed a few weeks ago. But now all is well with her and I’m back to work and to access MCS 😉 You can count on me !!!


    Hope everything turns out OK for your mom.
    I’ll see what kinda crap I can find to enlighten your readers….


    LOL at “Buffy hangover post”.

    Unreadable… wtf is “afterness”?… and what’s the punchline?


    [quote]…wtf is “afterness”?[/quote]
    Home\street\no schooled, and “interneting iz hard” ?

    As for the “punchline”, it’s clear you’re too fucking dumb to understand it, so I wont waste my time.


    Was schooled. So everything you have to say due to you missing the mark on that one means you’re an idiot.


    I hope she is doing better. I lost my Mom 4 years ago. It’s a tough thing to go through.


    Yah Tiki may Momz get better soonest – hope she’s betterer alreadiez. Rilly.


    Hope she gets well soon, Tiki. Hang in there, man.

    Dyon 86

    All the best to your Mum Tiki, hope she gets better soon.


    Hoping she gets better real soon.

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