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    I saw it last night and liked it. I guess the internet hates it or whatever but the internet hates any movie that’s not Dark Knight, Matrix, or V for Vendetta.


    It’s Nolan’s typically gorgeous visuals, but I thought it got a little up itself in the last 15-20 minutes. Also, as much as I like Dylan Thomas, I don’t think you need to quote him every 20 minutes.


    Yeah, I’ll admit it stumbled a bit towards the end. But I still liked the last bit with her alone on the planet for some reason.

    tiki god

    If I hear that stupid poem one more time, it’ll be too soon.



    tiki god

    I need to edit the instructions for how to embed youtube videos, you dont’ need to use the bbcode anymore, just put the url on a new line:

    tiki god

    you mean the 15 days of the guy’s life, but only 15 hours for her? it was like 2 minutes of the film?


    🙂 Thanks. I’ll get the hang of it sooner or later!


    As soon as the ‘poltergeist’ appeared I thought. ‘Ok. This is going to be a circular narrative.’ Totally agree about the poem. Once is quite enough thank you. The ending? Terrible. Completely side steps what could have been an incredibly moving denouement.


    Had it been an hour shorter and had a sense of humor, it could’ve been at the very least an enjoyable B-movie.

    I thought it jumped the shark the instant an insanely convenient wormhole to another galaxy happened to appear in our own solar system.

    tiki god

    but we put it there ourselves, from the hyper future


    But how did we go through it in the first place. We had to save ourselves in the first place to go back and save ourselves if you see what I’m getting at. The logic loop is a little squiffy.