Explain the Differance

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    I dunno about either of those girls.
    But I do wonder what this guy’s excuse was…?


    Something about guns, wasn’t it…?
    I guess folks get religion about a lot of strange shit…


    And how does McVeigh compare to the perpetrators of 40,000 – 50,000 or so terrorist attacks who justified their actions based on the Koran since his attack 20 years ago? Twenty years ago compared to this week, last week and probably next week. One attack compare to over 25,000 since 911. Its the exact same thing, isn’t it?


    Killing innocents is wrong no matter who does it. If we want to claim the high ground, then we have to walk it. Absolutely no doubt that certain sects of Islam are the most violent religion today…and they kill thousands…of their own and ours. But our hands aren’t clean either. We used 911 (perpetrated by what…15 Saudis, 2 Arabs, 1 Lebanonese, and 1 Egyptian) as an excuse to invade Afghanistan and Iraq, and kill literally hundreds of thousand of civilians. And all we managed was to destabilize the region and make it easier for extremists to organize and kill more… Read more »


    The first girl probably can’t spell much beyond NRA, GOP, and FOX….

    Old Tofu

    and the second can’t spell that much because they wouldn’t let her go to school:/


    Well deflected. So everyone is afraid of both equally? Riiiight. That’s honest. All hail the narrative.


    I’m not sure which narrative you mean…?


    The difference is about 600 years.
    So if you look at Christianity around 1400’s, you’ll understand.


    I’ve been noticing the similarities a lot recently.


    Yeah but I’m not worried about time-travelling knights attacking me. That would actually be pretty awesome.


    Plus, you’re not an infidel…


    I have a Hebrew phrase book. Having a non-medical book with Hebrew in it would be enough to get me executed in Portugal in 1495, for example. I’m also an atheist, but I think most modern fundamentalists would be considered heretics by the standards of back then.

    When modern people complain about modern societies being normative and conformist and oppressive, they have no idea what could get you instantly executed for most of human history.


    If you lived in 1400’s, you would be.


    Time-traveling not required.

    Old Tofu

    you don’t have to time travel to live in the 1400’s? is this the new reading rainbow commercial?


    Are you really this retarded, or is just English not your native language ?


    the girl on the left won’t kill you if you draw a cartoon picture of mohammed, but she will kill you if your profession is providing safe abortion services. either way, you’re going to be dead. i don’t see much difference in that.

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