Korra and Her Girlfriend

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    The ending of the last season of Korra has to be the most simple-mindedly, mind-meltingly stupid piece of fan service I have ever seen, and I have watched Queen’s Blade, Strike Witches, and Senran Kagura animes. It’s the perfect example that, for American PC idiots, the one and only reason for the existence of lesbians is so that straight 15-year-old boys can go “OMG! Those two girls are kissing! That’s so totally hot, dude!” At least Queen’s Blade is honest and up front about its intentions. It never pretends that it has so many female characters because it has any… Read more »


    Sounds like someone’s butthurt that their pairing isn’t canon.


    Uhh…did you even watch the show? The entire point of Korra’s story was dealing with change…they weren’t “lesbians all along”…they were two people who after spending time with each other developed a strong friendship, and after periods of strength and vulnerability for both where they supported each other, a deeper connection was formed. You can see signs of this all through the show that their relationship was deepening into something more. Would you have been upset if it was Bolin instead gripping Korra’s shoulder when she was in the wheelchair, holding her hand while she was sleeping, or one of… Read more »


    Tis but a demographic, sex always sells.

    You could always grind it through the Bechdel test since you’re still obviously anal about it


    Pretty sure Korra obliterates every conceivable permutation of the Bechdel test. Also, I watched the finale on Nick’s official site, and there was no kiss; S&P wouldn’t allow it.

    I personally found the ending to be a refreshingly positive depiction of bisexuality (yes, it exists, they didn’t just flipflop) with two undeniably heroic characters. I think the two creators of the show can probably give a far better commentary on their reasons for the finale than I can, so here’s their messages on the matter.