Black Bike RIder

Black Bike RIder.jpg

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    Is this a graphic or bodypaint? Source?


    Digital Graphic. Re-EvolutionArts on Deviant Art. And he’s not very happy: “…it is PLASTERED all over the web with no source. That is because someone STOLE my artwork, intentionally cropped it and posted it. I have even seen it with my name was poorly photoshoped off it. I already know my artwork is all over the web, including all over tumblr. I DID NOT give anyone permission to post my artwork anywhere. Sorry if you’re upset because of the way I approached this but I have every right to be upset and demanding when it’s my artwork that is STOLEN… Read more »

    tiki god

    you forgot to mention the important part:

    great….I just went thru tons of sites where it’s posted. Oh well nothing I can do now.

    looks like the author’s realized the futility of fighting “image theft”.


    Exhaustion isn’t consent….


    Pointy tits, are pointy.