The 100


I’ve been tearing through the first season and a half of this series in the last week, at least when I wasn’t playing Titanfall.  Why?  It’s a post apocalyptic story set 100 years after humanity nuked itself into the stone age, with only a couple thousand survivors finding safety in a space ark.  A hundred years later and shit starts to break down so they send down 100 of their best looking young adults to the planet’s surface to see if it’s survivable or not.

Turns out (spoilers!) that it is, and you can have sex on the surface, which all the kids then do in every other scene.  Sometimes they fight, but in a sexy way, and sometimes they build things, in a sexy way.

Programing note, it’s not named “the one hundred”, it’s just “the hundred”, which I find silly.

Expect to see a significant amount of images from this show in the future, most noticeably of Eliza Taylor, who was apparently the only blonde in space.

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    ohgod please dont.


    Agreed. One of the dumbest shows currently on air.


    My teenage daughter likes it.
    She thinks its stupid, but she likes it.


    I like The 100. It can be silly but in my opinion there has not been many fictional TV series that have not gotten silly at some point.